Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Me Made May Week 3

I have cut out and and sewn up the basis of a wool coat but its in need of lots of embellishment, which needs a few quiet nights in front of the TV, not sure I will get these before the end of May given small girls birthday on Saturday and my trousers I pledged to make are no nearer (unless I can cheat and claim my 2 pairs of pyjama bottoms).

Day 13

This was the day I wore my Kelly and managed to get some photos for last weeks post.

Day 14

 Wearing my fancy raglan sleeved T.  Its a good one. 

Unfortunately I didn't grow those seedlings although a few of mine have started to come up.

Day 15

Well we got off to a bad start when I got wee (not my own I hasten to add) on my first outfit of the day, before I had a chance to photograph it.  It was Burda Jersey dress picured at the bottom of this post.  Worn with boots and a cosy merino polo neck underneath.

Day 16

In managed to wear 4 things I had made - jumper, hat and two gloves.  Yey.  I was nice and cosy too, must find time to do some knitting too!!??

Day 17

My nice refashion.  The lace top obscured by the poloneck but it was *****y freezinng especailly standing around waiting for a bus, really needed more than a poloneck.  I think I must be turning into an Aussie as I seem totally unprepared for cold weather, amazing what you can forget in 4 years!

The weekend AKA Day 18 & 19

Not sure what happened here or why no photos - think I just wore me made tshirts under thick jumpers....or maybe just my knickers.  No, not just my knickers its far too chilly and a photo of that would not have appeared, not that i did...... but anyway I have made a nice pair of Emmersons that I wear often.  I have also worn my 2 new sets of pyjamas lots so will attempt to get some photos of them to make up for the weekend lack.

Day 20

Discovered this top in my wardrobe.  I'm not wild abou it, its just not that flattering even though I love the fabric and the trim.  I much prefer the dress I made using this pattern.  Nonetheless I felt very comfortable all day in this outfit.

Day 21

Well it worked ok yesterday so why not wear the same thing with a different top today.  I really do like this tank top
 Day 22

My lola again.  I was obviously feeling bright this morning.  Kept me cheerful anyway.

And that's it for this week.  One week to go and I'm wondering what new outfits I can put together...stay tuned.

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