Monday, 13 May 2013

MMM part 2

So into the next week of MeMadeness.  Its been stormy wet weather

 Day 8.

Warm and cosy in my Lola.  Its perfect for this time of year and I really like wearing it with my long boots and bright tights.   Keep forgetting to take photos in the day so these are blurry evening ones.

Day 9

My Burda Style wrap top.   Doing a reasonable job keeping me cosy although it spent most of the day covered up by a thick jumper as the rain continued.

Day 10

I'm realising that I really need some other bottom halves and long sleeved dresses and tops if I am to make it through the month feeling warm.  My me made wardrobe is definitely weighted towards summer.  On Friday I wore my pleated skirt with a nice cosy cashmere jumper (not knitted by me).

The pleat makes it great for cycling.
Day 11

Another cold day which started off warmer.  I should have taken a photo early on.  I looked neat and quite chic and had a great necklace on and no coffee down my front!  Here I am standing in a field, looking a bit bedragled with coffee spilt down my front, and no necklace, wondering if we can get the photo done before it pours with rain.  Warmer jumper promptly put on over the top and not removed until bedtime.  Wearing my peplum top and my favourite pair of red boots which didn't make it into a photo.

Day 12

There is a new climbing wall in town, we've been a few times, its lots of fun so we got to go again for mother's day.   I wore a red kimono sleeved T shirt made by me but not blogged.  I adapted a vintage woven pattern for this.  Its useful, practical and I really like the scoop neckline I drafted. All in all pretty good.  Today I have very tiff back and shoulders!

That's all for the moment.
  See you soon.


  1. Looks good but yes, get some warm clothes made for the month! I've decided on #101 from the burda mag for me. fleece and will do stitching like my daughter's version ... ready to cut out tomorrow but now to sleep ... Have you started yours? :)

    1. Yes cut it all out last night, just need to sew it up and then get started on some decoration. Also planning one of those drapey front cardigan things.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you - trying to "winterfy" summer clothes :/
    I've had my eye on the Lola pattern for a while, but seeing yours has made up my mind - it looks great!

    1. Yes, polo necks under summer dresses here today! The lola pattern is great and sews up really quickly too despite there being a lot of pieces to it. I also made a fleece with the pattern too (the white one I wore in Week 1), I just cut it a size bigger to fit over clothes and made it shorter- its a really nice one too. Its great having sweatshirt/ fleece things that are a bit more fitted and flattering.