Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Curtain Kelly Skirt

So here's my new Kelly Skirt.  Yey.  It started life as a curtain brought at the op shop about 3 years ago.  I loved the print but its been waiting around for the right pattern and here it is.  I love how it turned out.  Most of the Kelly's I've seen have been plain but I think it works brilliantly in a pattern too.  Its a nice heavy cotton drill which holds its shape really well.

Here are the nice back pleats which fall at just the right point of your bottom to make it super flattering.  You can see the pockets too which are great for putting your phone or hands in.  Might seem obvious really but not all pockets are created equal!

In production on my equally flowery ironing board.
I went for yellow top stitching thread and sewed my buttons on with the same thread.  They came from etsy and are simple dark wood.

Top tucked in.
I think its my turn for photos mummy !
Oh those are good button holes.

I would normally go for skirts or shorts that would sit on my hips.  This is definitely a high waister but I like it.  The waistband is wise enough to give it a good solid feeling.  You can wear a big belt over it, tuck your top in or have it out.  I made a size large and it fits absolutely perfectly.

After 3 days of wearing I think its holding up pretty well wrinkle wise.
This pattern is super simple to make.  I have to confess I am actually really amazed that something so simple can turn into something so stylish.   Simple as it is, its obvious a lot of thought and care has gone into its design and its little things like the width of the waist band, placement of the pleats and shape of the pockets that let you know that a give you a great versatile skirt (well less versatile when you make it in big yellow flowers but hey!).

I followed the instruction to a tee and it came together really well.  I have to confess I have not sewn many button holes before but a few practices and 7 later I had got the hang of them, my only problem was that I didn't make the 1st few wide enough, being scared of making them too big.  A fine balance!

Other really exciting news is that I have had a really positive reception to the sewing workshops I am starting in June.  We are going to be sewing...... a Kelly Skirt of course.  I am super excited that I will get to spend some time with 6 lovely ladies who all want to sew and that I can share some of what I have learnt over the past few years.   I hope that I can inspire a love of making clothes in my students and at the least get them walking away with a skirt they like and will be happy to wear!  So thank you to everyone who has been so supportive, including the lovely Megan Nielsen of course.  I think deciding on using this pattern really helped to get these going and I really like that everyone will be learning with a pattern from (sewing)world famous local lady. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Kellys if you find yourself in Dunsborough in July!

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  1. Looks fab in a print! Very exciting about your sewing class .... wish someone would do that around here. :)