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I'm Lucy (Maud is my middle name) and I seem to have become a bit of an obsessive sewer.  I used to be an obsessive paraglider pilot and I'm not quite sure how one translated into the other but there you go.  It might have had something to do with moving to a completely flat part of the world and having 2 children in quick succession.  I still fly but not so much.  I've been making things for as long as I can remember and brought my own sewing machine in my 20s, unfortunately it got left in the UK when I moved here.  Then whilst I was pregnant I discovered some sewing blogs on the net and got re-inspired.  I found a cheap machine in the auctions, Burda Style in the library, fabric in op shops and ...... away I went.

I also love op shopping, walks on the beach, my husband and kids, living in a small town, going to markets, mountains, Nepal and drinking english beer (not in that order). I occasionally do a bit of knitting too.

This blog is about the sewing bit of my life...for an insight into other things (albeit highly edited to remove the day to day humdrum bits and mainly involving photos of my children) then visit me at www.maudandarthur.blogspot.com.au.  My work life involves running our retail business Sky Gypsies, so if you think you need a beautiful Nepalese bag to compliment your me made outfits visit us here.

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