Friday, 3 August 2012

Love my Lola

I totally love this dress and I loved making it too.  

Its the Lola by Victory Patterns.  Making it involved many 1sts for me.

  • My 1st downloadable PDF pattern.  What a great way to buy one.  Just press a button (and fill in your credit card details of course), and PING.... there it is in your inbox. Yey.  It was easy to print out and I just stuck it together and cut it out infront of the TV.
  • My 1st time finding that all the pattern pieces matched up perfectly and I paid proper attention to my seam allowances (I mostly sew burda mag patterns and just eyeball it) and it all came together really neatly.  I nearly got caught out with the pockets as I couldn't work out why the tops of the sides didn't match up with the side panels as I knew I had cut it right, then luckily realised they were meant to be bigger so the top of the pocket hung out a bit.  
  • My 1st time totally stuffing up my cutting out and managing to cut it on the cross grain!!!  It was dark, the material was dark, the TV was on again.  I did think the back of the material looked like it was the wrong way round (its sweatshirty type stuff) and that it was very wide but I remembered that the woman in the shop had commented on how wide the material was and so I ignored all these things and just cut it out.  Luckily for me the material is 2 way stretch cotton with spandex so it still works. Iit gets a bit longer as i wear it, probably no bad thing?!!
  • My 1st short dress, all my others are just below the knee. I like it.
  • Probably one of the 1st things I've sewn which just feels totally me.  Yey for that too.

I totally love the cut, its so clever, and original, and flattering and comfy.  I had had the material for a while, (in the spotlight clearance, so nice...wish I had got some red too) and when I read on the Victory website that it would be enough for this pattern I brought it (it would be really helpful if this could be included for all the patterns rather than just in comments where someone asked... I have lots of material and often looking for patterns for it), and so glad I did.  I sewed a size 8 which I think corresponds to a UK/Aus 12 and it fits just perfectly.

I have already cut out to a fleece version, shorter with long sleeves, a front pouch pocket and hopefully a cowl neck if I can get what's left of my material into one. 

p.s. sorry the photos are a bit weird, using the flash inside in sunlight or something but think its the best i'll manage for a bit.