Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Curly Things

Well I have to say I wondering what all the hoo haa about sewing with knits was.  I hadn't done much before but I recently knocked out a couple of dresses and tops without any big worries.  Nice, easy, quick and most important comfy. 

So then I brought a new Vogue DKNY pattern because they were half price in Spotlight.  Then they had some fabric on sale, and then on sale again, so only $2.10 a meter and it was in turquoise and white stripes and I have a bit of a think about turquoise.  So obviously I had to buy it.

All so good and so exciting for a bargain hunter like me.

Then I cut it out.....

Oh no.... it goes seriously curly wurly just like my recently picked carrots.

Agggh.  So annoying, means pinning a seam together takes hours and quick project here.  

Its pretty much finished now, just needs hemming but that will take hours too so putting it off.  Also I've tried it on and think it makes me look pregnant again and I'm not.  infact I was feeling pretty proud of my mummy tummy reduction but it doesn't look so rosy in this dress.  

Pictures of the finished article to follow.  In the meantime a couple of pictures of more successful projects the garden...and at the sewing table....