Thursday, 15 September 2011

Matching Outfits

I think this is the 1st time I've done it and it was purely by accident.   I dropped the little one off at daycare in pink trousers and a new flowerly tunic that I had brought for her.   Then went home and finished the flowery tunic I was making for myself from an old sheet from Vinnies.  Inspired of course by the lovely Bec from Naughty Shorts and her gorgeous dresses.  I have 3 but despite my dress love I often find myslf in jeans and a top.   So I thought I would make myself a pretty summer top (good for breastfeeding under too I hope). 

I finished the top and put it on with some leggings.  Then when I went to get Skye she had been changed into her leggings too and voila we were matching mummy and daughter.   Nice!

The pattern is from Burda, just made the longer version and and you can see it works great as maternity top.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pattern Madness

It amazes me that I can actually manage to decipher the patterns for the Burda pattern sheet. The 1st time I did it I was a bit confused but actually its all quite easy once you've worked it out just a bit time consuming. Last week I had a mega pattern tracing session, some dresses, a top and the cape on the front of one of the magazines that you can see. I've got a blanket from the op shop which have images of as lovely cape. Not sure if this is it, it definitely needs to be longer to suit me. We'll see, maybe a project for autumn. Magazines now back at the library for the next lucky reader.

In the meantime I've been knitting in the evenings and have done a whole from side of my very 1st jumper. Yey. I got the yummy yarn, Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted, at a new shop in Denmark, 'A Good Yarn'. I nearly didn't buy it as it seemed such an extravagance to spend so much and I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it BUT the 2 colours she had were just what I would have chosen if I had a choice of every colour and well, if I didn't get it then of course I would never knit a jumper......

Only a week and a bit later and one whole side done. 5mm needles help but still I have impressed myself. Maybe I'll manage the back too before the baby arrives!

Happy creating Love Maud x

Sunday, 11 September 2011

His Birthday

Its on Tuesday. I've made him a couple of things. A wooly hat just in time for summer and recovered an ottoman for him to put his feet up on in the evening, well he is a whole year older! Apparently we have over 26 things to sit on in our house so really we don't need another and he will likely see through the present and realise that I just wanted to recover the nasty vinyl ottoman I found for $5 in the op shop. And he doesn't know I started a blog so safe there too.

The jumper is one of my Ma's beautiful creations for Skye. Loving the red buttons. I've put in an order for a big one but not sure I will have any luck there.