Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pattern Madness

It amazes me that I can actually manage to decipher the patterns for the Burda pattern sheet. The 1st time I did it I was a bit confused but actually its all quite easy once you've worked it out just a bit time consuming. Last week I had a mega pattern tracing session, some dresses, a top and the cape on the front of one of the magazines that you can see. I've got a blanket from the op shop which have images of as lovely cape. Not sure if this is it, it definitely needs to be longer to suit me. We'll see, maybe a project for autumn. Magazines now back at the library for the next lucky reader.

In the meantime I've been knitting in the evenings and have done a whole from side of my very 1st jumper. Yey. I got the yummy yarn, Misti Alpaca Tonos Worsted, at a new shop in Denmark, 'A Good Yarn'. I nearly didn't buy it as it seemed such an extravagance to spend so much and I wasn't sure if I would ever finish it BUT the 2 colours she had were just what I would have chosen if I had a choice of every colour and well, if I didn't get it then of course I would never knit a jumper......

Only a week and a bit later and one whole side done. 5mm needles help but still I have impressed myself. Maybe I'll manage the back too before the baby arrives!

Happy creating Love Maud x

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