Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Kantha and Denim Dress

The Jury (my husband and I!) was out on this dress until I had added the facing to the bottom.  I tried it on and really was convinced I had just created a denim sack.  And, as you can see, it wasn't so  different with a hem but nonetheless I love it.  A lady also stopped me in the street to say how much she loved it which is always good! The hem is slightly shaped which is a nice detail and whilst oversized (I made a 38, would normally make a 40 at the moment) it does have a cocoon shape which is pretty trendy at the moment.  It also hides all your lumps and bumps, hangs away from the body so is cool to wear in summer and with the pockets is super comfortable and relaxed.

I have had the idea of combining some kantha stitched patchwork fabric I have with denim for an absolute age and finally I have.  The pattern appeared on Burda Style here and Spotlight opened in Busselton so I bustled in on opening weekend and nabbed a couple of meters of light weight denim.  The kantha quilted fabric is beautiful and I also lined the sleeves and faced the hem in it.  Its made from recycled saris and covered in fine running stitch.  It was also my 1st go at piping since I made a a Laura Ashley log cabin patchwork cushion in school needlework aged 15 but it seemed to go OK.  I omitted the back seam and sewed the zip in after a margarita or two hence, like I was, it's a bit squiffy.

My only complaint is that the sleeve design doesn't allow a huge range of arm movement but maybe that just means you have to hang your washing on the line another day!  I photographed this dress after wearing it for about 3 days, a bit creased but not too bad so maybe I can avoid the washing for a while.


  1. I love your fabric combo and the style really suits you. Who cares about squiffy zips - here's to margaritas and sewing. Make mine a double!

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