Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sewing for Smalls

I've managed to make quite a few things this May, even if I didn't manage to make the trousers I pledged to for Me Made May (oopps).  The list includes... 2 pairs of pyjama bottoms, a coat/cardi, a big wool coat (nearly finished), 2 little waistcoats and a Briar.

Here are the 2 waistcoats. 

I am so pleased with them.  I can't decide if they are more Fred Flinstone or Footballers Wife?  On my children they're probably veering to the caveman side of things, given nothing stays clean that long and they never look that groomed (the kids not the coats)!  Also incredibly pleasing is the fact that the pair of them cost me less than $2 total (the coats not the kids).  I found 4 remnants of the fur in the op shop for $1.50.  I don't know what got me to buy it but I just saw it and was sure I could get 2 little waistcoats out of it.  The linings are remnants of old vintage sheets that I had already used for other makes (my Chloe and an unblogged top for my mum), the buttons were in my jar (20c the two - op shop of course) and the pattern was from Burda Style 10/12.  The pattern originally had a hood but I didn't have enough fur and thought the weight might also pull the waistcoat off the little people's shoulders.  I sewed them up immediately as I knew the fur wouldn't have many other uses and I wanted to make them before another project stole my attention and inspiration.

I made sizes 104 and 98 (pictured)

My small one rocking the cave woman look, complete with uggs.  Poor girl, styled by her mum and feeling a bit ill too.
I've made a few little girls clothes that I haven't blogged about but I seem to have captured them in some photos so thought you might like to see them.  The 1st one is a 60s style dress with patch pockets on the front.  I made a size 104 which is a bit big but hopefully it will fit for a while.  Its made out of the same lovely soft stretchy cotton as my spotty shorts.  Pictured here covered with flour after a bread baking session with Dad. The pattern is from Burda Style 09/12.

The pockets work.

You can just spot the other tunic top, also from Burda 09/12 which has lovely puffy bottoms to the sleeves.  This one is made from some quilting material I brough when I first started sewing again.  I love the print, some how I cut out the 1st front with the pattern off centre but luckily I had enough to cut another as it would have bugged me all the time.

Other seriously exciting news is that I won the Tessuti birthday give away!!!!  Yey me.  I was thinking that I had entered a few giveaways and sometime one of the random picks should randomly pick me.  I mean some giveaways are popular but its not lottery type odds.  Nonetheless I was pretty flabberghasted when I found that I actually had won one, and one with such a great gift as well. 

Soon after seven meters of lovely linen found their way to me.  I've got 1.5m of the blue and pink which are both lighter weight and 2 m of each of the white and beige which are a bit heavier.  I am thinking a buttion up shirt in the pink and maybe some type of tunic/smock top in the blue? Maybe a Tova or Tessuti's Mia tunic - we shall see.  What about the others?  A dress, some wide leg pants?  Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions for patterns? A great dilemma to have.


  1. Those waistcoats and the spotted dress are gorgeous. I like how you made them ASAP to keep the momentum, that is very often the best way to avoid piles of fabric you can't remember what you were going to do with (for me anyway!). I am very keen to see your Briar. I don't remember it on your blog so far. Oh, and congrats on the win, what a fantastic prize. Maybe you should make another linen tunic, that white one of yours really suits you :)

    1. Thanks for the advise, yes a tunic would be great. You are right my briar will appear soon, definitely a good one if you are wondering what to spend your voucher on.

  2. Congrats on your win! Saw your name there as I entered as well. No idea on what to sew with all if that linen though. :)
    Cute spotty dress - she looks just like you! Can't wait to see your finished projects.

  3. Thank you. One up now. Still to take photos of my coat liek yours. I've been wearing it all last week even though I still haven't done the pockets!