Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Talking and Teaching

I was just trying to write an about me page and it turned into something a bit longer and I think its a post.  A different one to my usual, about me and not what I've made.  Eekkk.

I'm Lucy (Maud is my middle name) and I seem to have become a bit of an obsessive sewer.  I used to be an obsessive paraglider pilot and I'm not quite sure how one translated into the other but there you go.  It might have had something to do with moving to a completely flat part of the world and having 2 children in quick succession.  I still fly but not so much.  I've always had a sewing machine and sewn sporadically but I didn't really start properly until 3 years ago.  I found a cheap machine in the auctions, Burda Style in the library, fabric in op shops and of course sewing blogs on the net ...... away I went.

Definitely obsessed, definitely got too much fabric on my shelves and too many clothes in my wardrobe.  In my day job I teach about sustainability.  I totally believe we have to change the way we act and can't possibly continue to consume like we do....but its hard isn't it?  Even sewing and making, its such a positive thing and as many many blogs have discussed it makes you realise how stupidly cheap clothes are, how little people are paid, how little value is placed on the skill, how disposable fashion has become.  In a past life I analysed retail companies... Inditex (Zara) and H&M so I've seen the drive for expansion, increasing sales volumes and faster fashion turn around 1st hand.

But its a bit of a paradox.... for a while there I just wasn't so interested in fashion any more, but as I sew more I am more interested, maybe not in slavishly repeating it but certainly a nod - I've made peplums and hi-lo hems which I probably wouldn't have brought from a shop.  One a refashion and the other recycled material but I'm definitely buying in to it in my own way.  How much material have I got??? Too much - lots from the op shop but more and more not.  How many vintage patterns, and increasingly new indie ones?....lots and lots.   I'm totally into supporting small independent businesses so this explains this but its nonetheless more than I am likely to make.

I love sewing its definitely my therapy - I sew in the evenings when my kids are sleeping and I'm not writing blog posts ; ).  My angsts about it don't whirr constantly around my head and are far outweighed by the positives but I do wonder how many things I personally need to make myself and where I will go with my sewing.....

Recently seem to have met so many people who have a sewing machine but just don't really know how to use it.  People who would like to refashion things but just don't know how.  I'm not a world expert or anything but I realise I do know a lot about sewing (especially when compared to someone who doesn't know anything!) and I can teach and more importantly really enjoy teaching.  I've not been doing enough of it at work either so I've got a bit of an itch there too.  I've also realised that I want to take loads of classes to learn more about sewing, screen-printing, pattern drafting etc. but they're all in Perth.  Well maybe some other people feel that about learning to sew? 


I've decided to try running a few evening classes.  I'm writing it so I make sure I make it happen as I am really excited about the idea.  I think I have found a venue and I've been making up a Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt which I'd like to use as the pattern for this 1st class.  So stay tuned and if you know anyone who lives in the Dunsborough area who wants a new obsession, a new skirt and to eat cake with other (would be) sewers then send them my way.

Off to excitedly do some more planning. Yey.

A blog post needs a photo and as I don't have one of me sitting at my sewing machine here is one of me flying my paraglider in Canungra, near the Coast in QLD.  A more photographic hobby I guess!

In other news I have signed up for me-made-may and am really excited about it.  Here's my pledge.

 I, Lucy of Maudmade sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ´13. I endeavour to wear atleast one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2013, with no outfit repeats. And to finally sew a pair of trousers so that I have more bottom options for winter!

Sign up over at So Zo...  I am really looking forward to it.  Think I'm planning weekly round up posts but more importantly I need to get planning those trousers. 

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  1. Nice to meet you! Paragliding is a fair cry from sewing but at least you don't have to worry about fear of heights! (that would be me). I used to live near Fremantle but moved to Melbourne 6 years ago. We are out of the metro area and it is a pain that all the good classes seem to be in the city, so I applaud you for wanting to start up something in your area! I'm sure there are plenty of like-minded people around. Good luck with it! :)