Sunday, 21 April 2013

Green and Wrinkly

I made myself another one of the crunkly raglan t shirts like my grey one.  Its from Burda Style Febuary 13.  I am just waiting for the buttons to arrive in the post for my Kelly skirt so wanted something to fill the hole(s... there will be 7 buttons) while I wait.  I got this jersey for $1 in the op shop. It actually matches one of the colours in my Kelly skirt to be, I have a shortage of long sleeved winter Ts and I had the pattern already traced so a bit of an easy/lazy choice.  Its just plain green cotton jersey, quite a bit thicker and much less stretchy than the fabric in the grey one. Lazy (or only 1/2 my brain on) seemed to be a bit of a theme.

Kite flying at Yallingup
It ain't perfect but it works well enough.  I had one of those sort of mind blanks where whilst I remembered that the last time I made it I had cut the neckband shorter, because it seemed to be the same length as the opening, I didn't do it this time!  Some sort of muttering in my head about it being less stretchy but all the time I really knew I should BUT I didn't.  I am really a bit lazy and think I didn't want to faff with my tape measure.  Ho hum.  As could have been predicted the neck back is a bit loose and gapes a bit, its also slightly irregular around the front.  But hey ho I think people that pass me in the street will find many much larger flaws in my general appearance to pull me up about.  And one has ever stopped me in the street to criticise either my general appearance or my sewing finish, or even to ask me if I made it in a kind of  'that looks awful you must have made it as you certainly wouldn't buy it' kind of a way so I'm not going to worry.  Still it might have been good if I hadn't let my brain do the same at the bottom.  When I cut the still too long (despite shortening to the shorter length on the pattern since the last one) bottom off and found one side to be about 2cm shorter than the other.  Anyway I folded the cut off bit in half and sewed it on as a band and well obviously it was longer one side than the other..but if I walk with a hunch to the left you won't be able to tell and will be more concerned about my silly walk.

Laziness and wonkiness aside I like it, wore it 2 days in a row and now its in the wash.  Where it will probably shrink because of course I was too lazy to have washed the fabric before (well surely the person who had it before and made something out of it would have done?!).  I guess most people would probably wash anything they got from the op shop before they wore it, oh well.  We'll see.
You can just make out my co-ordinating new van curtains. It was getting a bit dark.

Small people think its really boring when they are not included in the photoshoot.

Good things:
  • I can be cosy for winter.
  • A mildly interesting staple.
  • I have made the pattern twice, whoop whoop, could be a 1st?  It must be good.
  • It only cost $1.
  • I co-ordinate with the new curtains that I just made for our van, which co-ordinate with the stripes on the side of my caravan..which means that if I make a pair of trousers out fo the same shet I used to make the curtains I will be in full camo.
Slightly Less good things
  • Bit annoying the pattern is made for a 7ft giant with very long arms. 
  • A mildly interesting staple.
  • MUST NOT BE LAZY.  Even neck lines and hem bands would be a good thing.
  • I haven't posted the less flattering photos but if I had you would see that if you have a bit of an undefined midriff section (i.e. no waist and some wobble) then its not necessarily the most flattering of tops!
Kite flying seems to make you lean back and breathe in!


  1. Fingers crossed this top doesn't shrink - it looks super comfy ...J

  2. great top, I have just made one too, wearing it right now actually!

  3. The gathered raglan detail is really lovely and eye-catching. I really think you are being too focussed on the 'flaws' of this project! None of the things you've pointed out are anything anyone other than yourself would notice. Maybes version number 3 will be spot on?! Thanks also for your comment on my recent post about why I feel sewers should refashion and use stash more often. I really appreciate your support on a topic that probably switches a lot of my readers off!

    All the best
    Zoe x

  4. It's on the table. I like yours. Thanks for the review.

  5. It's on the table. I like yours. Thanks for the review.

  6. Funny, I am actually wearing it today. It gets lots of use. Hope yours is a success too!