Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Small Christmas Candy Stripes

Well I'm not normally into matchy matchy mummy and daughter stuff (see here for my one) but I wanted to make some clothes for my 2 smalls for Christmas and found I had just enough of the srtipey material to make a smock top for Skye.  Amazing, no scraps atall.  Pretty good for me..... for whom the fabric always comes first so is rarely the right amount for a pattern. 

Anyway it and the shorts are from Burda 05/12.  Really cute little girls patterns.  I adapted it a bit as I didn't want an opening all the way down the back and got myself in a bit of a mess finishing all the yoke neatly.  It turned out ok but not perfect.  And really I am less fussy with little people's clothes because they will not be wearing them for that long and in 5 minutes they will be covered with food, mud etc. anyway!

I've made 3 pairs of these little shorts for her now too.  They are just great..... complete with pockets to fill with collections.  The 1st 2 pairs with elastic at the bottom too and then these ones from one of their Dad's old shirts. (hmm turns out it maybe it wasn't quite as old as I thought but hey its definitely getting more wear now and he seems to have forgiven me!  He was away at work, I was clearing out our cupboards ..... what can I say??!).

I am pleased to report that we have not yet worn our outfits on the same day.

I actually quite enjoyed making these.  I do like sewing for my little people although generally I am not crazy about making small fiddly things.  I think the thought of all the little pattern pieces and short seams and general fiddling really puts me off.  Do you enjoy sewing little clothes? Is it just my phobia?

Photos of Layla in her Lion suit to follow, and maybe Skye's other shorts and nice top.  Not a very good phobia I guess if I still manage to make them a few things.

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  1. What can I say? LOVE these girl´s patterns. It´s easy to make and they look so cute!Both tunic and shorts are great. And your little girl with her golden locks looks very pretty.
    Are you planning to try the Pattern Magic with the children clothes? I´m so tempted! at least if I get it wrong it would be a smaller waste of fabric... and they look good with crazy stuff, anyways ;D