Saturday, 5 January 2013

Christmas Candy Stripes

Well its not a style I would ever have brought or probably even tried on in the shop.  I saw all these peplums and I thought bleeugh.  Not my style, I have no waist.  Then I saw this one by Jorth and I went wow! THAT IS JUST SO COOL.  I didn't have that Vogue pattern or that August Burda pattern that everyone else made but then I got the November issue and there was one in there with pleats, yey.

So thats what I made.  I traced the pattern and then tried to find some material in my (VAST) pile.  I wanted to make it out of an old indonesian Style patchwork skirt but that pleated peplum needs LOTS of material. Too much for another dress I cut up too.  So I slept on it a couple of days and then remembered that I had a stripey cotton that I got in the op shop a while ago.  I had been planning one of these but hey, plans change.

So here it is.

 I still don't think I would have brought one but I do like it.  And it only cost me about $5 including the magazine and the zip so that's pretty good too.  And it matches my new red shoes too. (bit of a theme here but as I've always been a girl that wears pink its a nice change).  Here's what I did.....

  • Cut a 10/12, think it was more a 10 maybe up a bit to a 12 round the bust, did it on my measurements and I'm really pleased with the fit.
  • Its summer so no sleeves for me (and not enough material either).
  • Put in a good invisible zip.  I've not done many and I've only got one of those plastic feet that everyone rubbishes but it worked pretty well if I say so myself.
  • I didn't add any length to the torso but if I was making this again I definitely would (so maybe I do have a long torso afterall).  The waist seems to sit just below my ribs which just feels a bit weird to me.  Think it also make me look a bit boxier than maybe I need to.....but it not a big thing.
I wore it on Christmas day with a red belt (in santa helper style) and yesterday to work.  I've worn it with this skirt both times (also from the op shop - you'll notice I like them!).  Think it would also look good with my skinny jeans but 40 degree heat and all the chocolates I have eaten over Christmas mean that just not possible at the moment.  I did try yesterday but it just wasn't happening.  I couldn't bend my legs to cycle to work!  Not that the skirt is much better but you can hitch it up atleast! 

On a side note ....... I'm really pleased with how my finished things look recently.  I think they're getting much less 'home made' looking which I'm really pleased about. 

Hmmm... Was getting a bit self concious with all the posing. Not sure this helped!


  1. This definitely doesn't look 'home-madey' at all! Love it! The pleats are a great change to the drapey ones in the to have a little peek around your blog...J

  2. Thanks Judith, just got in to writing on here again, thanks for popping by.