Thursday, 18 August 2011

Green Things

It seems like the things I have been making recently are green. I'd normally say I was more of a blue girl, although generally I've got more colourful. I finished my knitted neckwarmer yesterday. Yey. It was actually super easy once I got the hang of the stitch and doing a few rows in front of the TV every so often made it pretty painless. The big buttons were at the bottom of my knitting bag. I must have picked them out when I started on it. Here's the link to the pattern, its free on Ravelry.

Pretty pleased with it. Not sure what I will wear it with, I need my black jacket which I think is in my parent's attic in England.

I also managed to take a few photos of my floaty flowery dress, its not meant as a maternity one and by the time it hot enough to really wear it rather, than just pose in the garden I won't be pregnant anymore. I got the material a while ago when we moved here and I discovered I now lived near Spotlight. It was on clearance and for some reason I got 4m not knowing what I would make.

It turned out to be perfect for this dress which I found in Burda magazine in the library. There's a link to the pattern here too. I love the pin tucks and shape of the yoke. Its cool I've actually started to make things that I really want to wear. Maybe its having more freedom than in Home Ec class at school, or probably a better sense of what I like and looks good on me. Not generally a 13 year old's strong point!

I also spotted this lovely green creature in my garden just now. He sat perfectly still posing for my photos. Beautiful.

And my lemons, I've been carting my lemon tree around with us in a pot for 2 years now and am very exciting it is finally sprouting its very own lemons. It feels very exotic to me. The are still in their green phase at the moment. Not sure how long they take to ripen and grow. I have a feeling it may be up to a year.

Anyway, those are my 1st makings to share with you. Have a great weekend. x

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