Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Caravans and Saucepans

We had bautiful weather over the weekend and whisked our van off down the road to camp by the sea, explore around this new place we live in and have an early birthday party for me. Yey. More green stuff!

Our van is a groovy retro 80s number. I made some new curtains for the inside as the ones there were a bit 80s country kitchen for my liking. New ones are screen prints of WA native plants, some banksias at the back and wattles at the front (the pic has one of my coffee sack cushions in too).

Now we found we only had one saucepan in the van which was little inconvenient so as a treat on my actual Bday I pootled off to the tip shop and what did I come across but these gems. How well do they co-ordinate with the green/brown on the outside of the van? Only $1 for the 2. Sometimes you just couldn't find anything better if you tried.

I love our caravan, its easy to escape your everyday. Just hitch up and off you go to somewhere new. Chuck in a bit of food, a few books and a bag of knitting and you are away. The scrabble, boules and bedding are all in and everyone gets to enjoy the fresh air, lie around in the sunshine or drink steaming cups of tea listing to the rain the lash on roof. Best buy 2011.

Just off to take some photos of the sewing book I also picked up on my Birthday op shop. Speak soon. Maud x

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