Sunday, 28 August 2011

70s Styleee

60s and 70s is probably my favourite vintage era. All those bright colours, groovy A line shapes and bell bottoms (i had a pair I wore pretty cvonstantly for 5 years from 18-23 until they fell apart). I found this fab sewing book in the op shop but have to say I brought it more for the pictures than the sewing tips.

Looking at the pics I realise I am into a more 'modernised' 70s look, or maybe its a cross with a bit more floaty 60s but I think the metallic patio pants and sleeveless coat are a bit beyond me, and probably Albany!

My man seemed particularly concerned that, given my current sewing obsession, that he might come home one day to find the house covered in top to toe groovy fabric. I said I'd stop short of the plush toilet cover, although he seemed actually not to have any objection to this one maybe it was more a fear of pink paisley!

Happy Days. Lucy x

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