Monday, 12 August 2013


Well I've done a lot of straight line sewing recently with a few bits of twiddly stuff in the middle, namely some applique.  Not something I do much of, I always think of it as going on kids clothes or quilts.  No reason it has to be like that but I've never put any on anything for me.  No change there, I just made some seat covers and kids clothes!

I picked up 3 lovely directors chairs in the tip for $5 when we were dropping something else off.  (Is it only me that always comes back with more than I take?)  Nothing wrong with these just the seats were a bit ripped and mouldy and the wood needed some TLC.  I couldn't leave them behind.  They sat in the garage for about 8 months and then one drizzly saturday morning I just decided to get on and oil them.

I sanded them lightly and then brushed on organ oil which got rapidly soaked up.  It was an amazing transformation, they went from looking pale, worn and sorry for themselves to chic and shipshape just like that.  

Small one didn't want to miss out on any painting action so had a go on her new climbing frame her dad had just built. 

Next to the covers.  I had a large length of denim from the op shop, I'd had it in mind for these so just needed to get going.  I measured the old covers and reduced the size a bit to allow for stretch.  Then I did some applique feathers on the top just to add a bit of interest.  I had some fancy interfacing stuff that sticks on both sides that I brought ages ago, the feather template was on the instruction sheet of something I made out of Burda Style and it had stuck in my memory.  Easy.  Sew around the edge with small zigzag, and running stitch embroidery down the middle whilst watching TV. 

I'm totally pleased with them, but also pleased not to have to sew more straight lines for a bit!

Obviously comfy enough!
The girls above are infact wearing 2 very cute applique dresses, not by me, from Boden in the UK.  A present from their Grandma.  I tried my hand too.  Skye had been walking about with the lion Fabric for a couple of days, she even took it to bed, so I took pity and made her a paper bag skirt with a little lion on the big pocket.  I just made the pattern up, very easy, a slightly sloped rectangle with elastic!  In the photo its just come out of the wash, it could do with an iron but it probably won't get one. 

Modelled by miss on completion.


  1. Great job on the chairs. It's so good to finally get around to a project and have it turn out well. Very cute skirt too. Also, I got a place on that course, so looking forward to meeting you soon!

  2. The chairs look absolutely wonderful! A bit of TLC goes a very long way!

  3. Thanks. Yes I wonder what the people who took them to the tip would think if they could see them now! Very satisfying.

  4. Wow, what a transformation! You've done an amazing job and the chairs look better than new! I'll bet the original covers were not nearly as nice as your new ones :)

  5. Oh, wow! The chairs look simply amazing! What a transformation :)

  6. Thanks the only annoying thing is there were only 3 not 4!