Sunday, 17 March 2013

Spot On

Crazy 2 months - lots of relatives and friends staying, managed to sneak in some sewing but no photos.  So today a trip to the beach with a basket of clothes and a husband with  a camera for a small photo shoot.  More to follow over the next few days.

Little bit crinkly due to one day at work!

These shorts were were not what I envisaged making from this fabric and are really a bit of a departure for me style wise but I'm really pleased with them.  They are this 'Pleated Shorts' pattern from Burda 02/13.  I had been eyeing the fabric up in Spotlight for ages (its a japanese seersucker apparently- stretchy woven, strange weave but not like seersucker).  They had it in a few colours- green, orange, yellow - very 70's.  Anyway I managed to get to Spotlight in Bunbury just before christmas, my 1st visit since moving from Albany in August.  Needless to say I got in a bit of a sweat running around with fabric under my arms, trying to put lots back .. I think I had a felt holly garland fabric thing going on at the same time.  Happy days this fabric was now less than half price and I splashed out $18 on 3 meters.  Still planning to make the tunic from September Burda with the rest..and Skye has requested some shorts for her too.. think I have enough.

So the shorts - cut out a 12, serged, interfaced the waist (left this step out on the last and only other pair of shorts I have made and it rendered them unwearable) sewed, let them out a bit around the waist, congratulated myself at their good fit and my insertion of an invisible zip.  Wore them to work the next day - not really the best move due to torrential rain but I had finished them the day before so you have to don't you.

Good things:
  • the funky stretchy material.
  • Its a nice cut, I was worried the pleats would just make them too big but they don't.
  • The pockets - super easy to slip your hand in, much better than inseam ones.
Less good:
  • Well I still haven't made any bottom half things with a front fly and I kind of want to (but don't which is why I haven't).
  • The side invisible zip is really fine but I have to breathe in and yank carefully to get it onto the waist band.
  •  Maybe summers nearly over and I won't get the chance to wear them too much.
The top  - I made this one about a year ago but never wrote about it so thought I would kill 2 birds with one of those proverbial stones and get them together.



Its great I really like it and have worn it lots.  Not brilliantly made but its heavyweight cotton spandex - stretchy but holds you in place.  I only had enough material for 3/4 sleeves but I think they make it more versatile.  if you are making this I would definitely recommend using a spandex knit as with all the wraps around I think it could all go saggy in a strange way if you didn't.  Its this pattern again from Burda.

The sea without me in the way!


  1. Very pretty shorts! I love the print, so summery!

  2. I really like these shorts and the fabric is great. What pattern did you use? Oh that scenery is just gorgeous, it makes me want to drive back there right now!

  3. Thank you both. Oops meant to put in a link to that pattern too. It's from the feb burda style. Pleated shorts. You can down load it from their website or if you can find the magazine I would buy it as there were lots of really nice patterns, a couple of great Ts and a jump suit (!!!) that I really want to make too. Maybe there's a library in Perth that stocks them? The one in Albany does but not so convenient for you meg!

  4. These shorts are divine! As summer ... love color and print, I'm sure they will have a lot of wear ... beautiful pictures of the beach!

  5. Hey, i found your blog through the BurdaStyle page when I was looking for a shorts pattern. I really love these shorts, lovely colors, so fun and summery! I added you to my bloglovin' and looking forward to reading more of your sewing adventures!

    1. Thanks Wendy and thanks for following too. It's a bit cold here for these now but I was just contemplating wearing them with some purple tights and long boots.

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