Monday, 15 July 2013

It's just pants!

My computer has blown up, which is pretty pants, which means I haven't done some of the posts I want to as my photos are stuck on my camera.  So here is a little post from my iPhone.  Life not actually too pants although we have been having a bit of mid winter blues.  We reckoned that being from the northern hemisphere we would normally have Christmas to break up winter but over here we don't have any fun celebrations to so it feels super long.  So to lighten the mood I knocked out a quick fun project using some small amounts of things from my stores.

Yes pants! Yey.  Made using Zoe's free pattern, a metre or 2 of knicker elastic from my large store ( 2  big bags $5 at Albany auctions), and some scrap jersey from a dress I made.  I made 2 pairs, using blue and pink elastic to go with the grey fabric.

For the blue ones I added a small seam allowance so the leg and waist sides as the pattern is designed for fold over elastic and mine is just traditional knicker elastic (even though you do fold it over in the process of sewing it on).  The pink ones I left as is and I prefer these although the difference is minimal.  Only thing I would change would be to make sure I put a bit more tension on my waist elastic as I sewed it on.  They aren't falling down but more would feel better I think.  I sewed the elastic on 1st with a normal zigzag and once I had turned it over with a 3 step zigzag, a stitch I love on knit fabric.  


My over locker's timing has ******ed up again so its out of action until I feel rich or desperate enough to get it fixed.  Booo.  It wouldn't have made any difference to making these but it is making me hesitate to start some other projects (well its my most recent excuse for not making trousers with a front fly!!)

Anyway these pants/knickers/undies are great, super comfy and M&S may not get any more business from me (yes despite living in oz for 4 years now my mum still sends me parcels of my favourite M&S boy leg shorts.)  Infact next mission must surely be to trace a pair of these.


  1. nice pants! heh i'm from the USA, so I was confused at first when i saw the title "pants" but saw that they were not "pants" in american english.

    1. Sorry, isn't it funny how we all use different words even though we all speak English? Over here in Australia they call what I would call flip flops 'thongs'. As an English person I still have to resist the urge to snigger as to me this means skimpy g-string knickers/pants so when you see signs in restaurants saying 'no thongs' you wonder how they will check! I should also probably have said that M & S is uk department store famous for supplying undergarments to most of the nation.

  2. These look great! hehe,. saying something is "pants' must be a pommy thing! Re the m&s; it must be what you've grown up with. I'd heard so much about the famous m&s knickers from my English friends so I had to get some, but I thought they were awful compared to Aussie Bonds. But I make my own too now!

  3. I think you are totally right about M&S. It's just what you know and mine are definitely very replicable and simple so I think I will be making most of mine now. My small person wanted pink knickers with pink elastic the next day and I was pretty pleased to knock her out a pair in about 10 minutes so no excuse!

  4. Must be something in the air, our imac has completely died too. I always liked the way the English described things going wrong as 'pants'. I have copied a fav pair of my pants/undies/knickers and changed and adapted them so they are super easy and comfortable. One day I'll get round to making a pattern and posting it.