Friday, 2 November 2012

Vintage Sheet Victory

I've not been here.  Not because I've not been sewing...I've made loads.
I've even got a new camera, but no tripod so not so good at doing photos of myself.
Well that's my excuse  but lets get going.  We'll go one by one

BUT be warned this blog will appear to turn into a bit of a Victory patterns love in.  But hey, I love things I've made from them, so here goes.

1st up my Chloe.

I do love it really, just squinting at the sun!

I dug up the sheet in one of those op shops which you know don't get visited all that often.  I've got a lot of vintage sheets but this one was total love, beautiful design and soft colours. I immediately had this dress in my mind and happily I was able to find this light coloured lightweight denim in Spotlight and away I went.

My 1st lined dress.  Yey.  All went well.

My 1st time using my invisible zipper foot.  The zip has about 10 lines of stitching down each side tring to get it right and attach the lining well.  Luckily as there is a lining you can't see any of this.  Yey.

I initially cut out the sleeves in the floral but realised it would work much better with the denim and the floral as binding. 

Think maybe I should have graded down to a 6 for the bottom half but really no big thing, nice to have space to move. 

My 1st mini dress (mini-er than my Lola, which after all grows as I wear it - see post for details).  getting good at doing that bending down thing by bending from the knees and not the waist so I don't show my knickers off too many times a day.  (haven't yet made a matching pair!).

I considered sewing on 4 big blue buttons on at the neck, like it suggests in the pattern, but in the end I decided maybe it made it look a bit childish / crafty so decided to keep it simple.  

Its good for visiting waterfalls in too. 


  1. I love this dress.
    And it's inspired me to have a look at sheets to make a dress from.
    Well done!

  2. Thanks janet. Yes you can really get some amazing fabrics by looking for old sheets. Nice and cheap and you can feel good about reusing them. It worked really well with this pattern as it doesn't need fine or drapery material.

  3. Hi, I just found you through the Victory Patterns Flickr group and I wanted to stop by and say I LOVE this dress! I may just have to add this pattern to my 'want to sew' list... and I love your fabric combination here.

  4. Me to Jane! Definitely my favourite thing I made last year and I get comments on it every time I wear it. I had already brought the pattern and when I found the sheet the idea really all just came together.