Thursday, 31 May 2012

B##### I broke my machine!

We were away for a month in the UK so I didn't get any sewing done, although I picked up patterns and a couple of UFOs from way back (actually really quite nice and I am quite surprised at how neatly I made them!).

Back in Oz and with Big Small Persons birthday the next day I was doing a bit of last minute present making.  I made the fatal mistake of trying to save myself 30 seconds when winding a bobbin by not un-threading my machine (I have 2 spool holders).  All very well but I also didn't disengage my needle as the wheel you need to undo to do it is done up too tight.  It all ended in a horrid grinding noise and the thread getting stuck round the bobbin case then the needle not picking up the bobbin thread.

It was late, I went to bed.  Skye was going to be 2 so I reckoned she wouldn't really know either way if it was her birthday tomorrow or not.  I skulked off to bed, feeling a bit guilty for being a useless mum ( I had also burnt a cake earlier in the week) and for breaking my lovely old machine.

Luckily there is a nice man called Pete who fixes machines, who knows a Chinese man in Sydney who can get gears for an old machine like mine.  Its going to be $75, the machine only cost me $20!  But I love it, and I've got some new feet for it and finding a new one I loved would likely cost me much more than $75.

Best thing though was that while I wait for my machine to be fixed Pete lent me a machine.  A nice old Bernina and so I have been able to make these......

An apron and an art smock for Big Little One.  They are both from my Sew Liberated book.  Not complicated patterns but much easier to make for having a pattern.

The apron is from some drill which was on offer in Spotlight.  She loved my brother's cat Hobo when we visited and keeps talking about him, thought she might like some cats on her apron.  The smock cotton is printed patchwork from my stash.  I realised its business was perfect for something liable to get covered in paint.

I love them both ..... small person is less keen.  She did try on the apron for me but refused to have anything to do with the art overall.  Hey ho.

I have also knocked up a pair of cable fingerless gloves.  My 1st cables.. yey.  I've managed to wear them once but its really not cold enough (not a bad thing but it does make knitting less useful in Australia!).

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  1. I've made many of those mitts for my brothers in the N. Hemisphere... Shame it doesn't get cold enough here for knitting, with all the cheap and decent wool we have available...